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MVT-3030 (3G)

  • Overview
  • Specs
  • Activation
  • Installation

The miTrail Vehicle Tracker gives you peace of mind knowing where and when your family or business vehicles are travelling. It is easy to install and works on most passenger and light vehicles made after 1996. Just plug it into the car or truck’s OBDII port and that’s it!

The miTrail Vehicle Tracker not only monitors where your vehicle is but also monitors how it is being driven. You’ll receive instant notifications of events such as speeding, hard breaking, and fast starts. Keep your employees accountable and your family safe with the miTrail Vehicle tracking device!

OBD-II Protocols Supported: J1850 PWM,
J1850 VPW, ISO-9141-2, ISO-14230,
KWP 2000, ISO-15765 CAN
Min Temperature 30°
Max Temperature 75° C (connected to primary power)
Except Battery*
  • Go to
  • Create an account that will involve entering your email address and contact details.
  • Enter your:
    • Device Serial Number
    • Activation Code (found in the pamphlet)
    • Payment Details
  • Note that there is a one-time setup fee of $15.00
  • Once you have activated your device you will receive an email telling you how to access the tracking service.
  • Plugs into OBDII port
  • Port found in light vehicles made since 1996
  • No wires/batteries needed
  • Initializes in minutes

GPS Tracking for your vehicles

Need an uncomplicated and inexpensive way to track your family or business vehicles? MVT-3030 gives you all the features of a high end GPS tracking service at a very economical price.

The MVT-3030 vehicle tracker is a revolutionary new gps device that plugs into your vehicle in seconds. No cables, no batteries, no expensive installation. The device simply connects into your vehicle's diagnostic port.

Driving Alerts

In addition to tracking a vehicle’s location, miTrail can also monitor how a vehicle is being driven. It can do this because it is connected directly into the vehicle’s computer via the ODBII port. Data read by the device is the exact data shown on the vehicle’s instruments. miTrail can monitor for speeding, over-RPM, hard braking, fast starts and over-idling.


  • Real time GPS tracking
  • Simple plug-in device
  • GeoFences that you setup
  • Speeding & idling alerts
  • Erratic driving alerts
  • Email trip reports
  • Historical reports
  • Smart phone access
  • Low cost monthly plans

What can miTrail do for you?

miTrail delivers advanced, no-hassle features with incredible value all through one easy to use website.

With a few clicks and the use of our exclusive miWizard™, you can simply reconfigure the device to a new tracking profile in seconds

  Real time GPS tracking
Depending on how you have chosen to profile your device using miWizard™, you can track while you drive or while your asset is in motion.

Custom GeoFences
A geofence is a virtual boundary drawn around an area that is important to you. Once a geofence is created and assigned to your device a record is kept whenever the vehicle enters or exits the area. You can see geofence events in the past or you can request that an email is sent whenever a crossing occurs.

Email Notifications
In addition to real time tracking miTrail can also send email notifications on significant events such as geofence events, low battery or ignition on – all dependent on the device you have purchased or the profile that you are using.

Historical Reports
The history tab within the miTrail application allows you to look back in time (up to two months). You can even filter the results (e.g. show all or geofence events only).

Use your Smart Phone
In addition to main miTrail portal there is a mobile-optimized site available for using on web browser equipped mobile devices.

Compatible with desktop browsers*:

  • Internet Explorer® 8 or newer
  • Mozilla Firefox™
  • Safari™
  • Google Chrome™
  • Opera™

Mobile*:    Android   Apple iOS and Blackberry

* JavaScript™ enabled

The miTrail Portal is available in English and French.

Which plan suits you?

Basic Popular

$14.95 CAD

per month / per device
  • 3 minutes
    Locate Interval
    (while moving)
  • 5 Geofences
  • Locate on Vehicle Events
  • Export to Google Earth
  • 2 months
    Data Retention
  • Monitor Speeding
  • Mobile Application
  • Locate on Turns
  • Email trip notification
  • Monitor Fast starts/stops
  • Monitor Engine RPM


$22.95 CAD

per month / per device
  • 2 minutes
    Locate Interval
    (while moving)
  • 20 Geofences
  • Locate on Vehicle Events
  • Export to Google Earth
  • 2 months
    Data Retention
  • Monitor Speeding
  • Mobile Application
  • Locate on Turns
  • Email trip notification
  • Monitor Fast starts/stops
  • Monitor Engine RPM
  • Monitor Idling