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Track with MXP-5000


When you use miWizard™ to set your device to track People, you can track your loved ones from your favorite electronic device i.e. laptop, Smartphone, Tablet or Desktop computer.2

The MXP-50003 is perfect for tracking your precious young ones and making sure they stay safe! The MXP-5000 is so small, it can fit in a pocket, your child’s lunchbox, or backpack. With no wires to mess with, the MXP-5000 is a “set and forget” self-contained micro-tracker. It’s all you’ll ever need to keep tabs on your most precious assets!

You can also create up to 10 Geo-fences and receive email alerts to know when your loved ones leave or arrive at home, school or other important locations.


Help stop vehicle theft! The MXP-50003 can track your cars and trucks with ease!

When you park or stop your vehicle, the miWizard™ will automatically detect it, auto-arm your vehicle and create a 150 meter virtual fence around it, with motion and impact sensing enabled! If your vehicle is hit or a door is opened, you’ll get an instant e-mail notification advising you of the impact or intrusion. If the vehicle is driven through the self-arming (Virtual) Geo-fence, you get another e-mail notification.

These unique Geo-fences can be setup to alert you to your vehicle’s whereabouts! Your vehicle’s movement is tracked while driving so you can see your travel history at any time on the miTrail site! See where your vehicle’s been and where it’s going with the MXP-5000! Get over-speed alerts if your vehicle is driving at excessive speeds!

Boats and Marine

The MXP-50003 can track most marine vehicles, such as boats, Jet Skis, Waverunners and virtually anything that moves on the water including all types of personal watercraft (PWC)4!

Protect your boat when docked on land – the MXP-5000 has stationary modes for boats to ensure they don’t move without you knowing about it! Track and protect your boat while on water4 with the MXP-5000!

The MXP-5000 can reconfigure itself to boat-tracking mode and will issue alerts to you if it moves on land or on the water4. Never be unprotected again! It’s so small it fits and stays hidden in your personal watercraft, all the while monitoring for any unauthorized movement!


Protect your ride with the MXP-50003. Things have never been so good! The MXP-5000 is small enough to stay hidden on your motorcycle, yet protect it from moving, or even being sat on. Just toss it into your tool bag or saddlebag, and it will alert you if anyone tries to get on your bike, or even move it!

With the MXP-5000's stealth design, no one will even know it’s there, but you will, and you can rest easy with peace of mind knowing that your ride is protected! No messy wiring to play with; just charge it and go! You’ll even get low- battery notifications to tell you when it wants you to charge it again.

1 Based on testing using 1-minute intervals between locates, battery life and locates may vary depending on usage
2 Supported on Android, BlackBerry, IOS, OS X, Windows and Linux
3 Requires a miTrail subscription using the public wireless mobile network
4 The device is NOT waterproof and must be secured in a dry location.