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miTrail™ MVT-3030 4G GPS Tracker for Vehicles

$99.99 $134.99 saving $35.00
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miTrail™ MVT-3030 4G GPS Tracker for Vehicles

$99.99 $134.99 saving $35.00
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  • The miTrail Vehicle Tracker gives you peace of mind knowing where and when your family or business vehicles are travelling. It is easy to install and works on most passenger and light vehicles made after 1996. Just plug it into the car or truck’s OBDII port and that’s it!

    The miTrail Vehicle Tracker not only monitors where your vehicle is but also monitors how it is being driven. You’ll receive instant notifications of events such as speeding, hard breaking, and fast starts. Keep your employees accountable and your family safe with the miTrail Vehicle tracking device!

    *Member must agree to Tracking Device Agreement on miTrail device activation; CDN$15 set-up fee (per device) charged on activation

    • Self-Installation with no tools; simply plugs into the OBD/II Diagnostic Port located in your vehicle under the dashboard within 3 feet of the steering wheel
    • There are other instances (like the RV) where the connector is behind a cover panel. Open that panel to gain access to the OBDII port.
    • Secure Access 24/7 anywhere over the Internet
    • Real time GPS tracking: Track every 2 or 5 minutes and on turns
    • Personal Notification Zones (GeoFences): Know when a vehicle has entered or exited a zone
    • Driving Alerts: Speeding, RPM, hard braking, fast starts and over idling
    • Up to 15 hours of battery life: Alerts when device is unplugged
    • 2 months of historical data kept online and accessible
    • Email notifications of GeoFence and driving alerts
    • miTrail uses Google Maps
    • High-sensitivity GPS receiver
    • OBD/II protocols supported: J1850 PWM and VPW, ISO-9141-2, ISO-14230 KWP2000, and ISO-15765 CAN
    • Operating temperature: -30 ºC to 70 ºC
    • Everything is included ; no SIM card or data plans are required for separate purchase

Track what really matters!

miTrail delivers advanced, no-hassle features with incredible value

  • You know where it is

    Track vehicles from cars, trucks, to RVs. The small and powerful GPS device - easily fit into your vehicle. Accurately track in any location, even in remote places

  • You grow your business

    Know that your vehicles are working and reduce fuel/maintenance costs. Increase driver productivity and track contracting costs. Make your vehicles last longer by preventing misuse

  • You have peace of mind

    Know that your family or workers are safe and within your boundaries. Improve surveillance during anonymous investigations. Control recover your vehicle if lost/stolen

  • Great value

    Subscription plans as low as CAD$14.95/mo. 4G LTE network. 15hrs Battery life. Alerts when device is unplugged. GPS Data update in real-time, no need to upgrade for fast sync

Which plan suits you?

All plans include: Locate on Vehicle Events, Export to Google Earth, 2 months Data Retention, Monitor Speeding, Mobile App, Locate on Turns,Email trip notification, Monitor Fast starts/stops, Monitor Engine RPM

  • Basic Plan (14.95 CAD$ per month / device)

    Basic Geofencing

    Basic reports

    2 min tracking intervals

  • Advanced Plan (CAD$22.95 per month / device)

    Advanced Geofencing with notifications

    Advanced reporting

    Features 1 min tracking intervals

    Scheduled reports