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Your GPS devices working in real-time, all the time

Whether you are a parent/consumer/individual, self proprietor or small business operation, there's a GPS tracking subscription plan for you. Save more with an annual service plan and tick that off your yearly to-do list. If a monthly service plan is what you prefer, be rest assured you can cancel at any time.



Don't need tracking for the next few months? Here's a seasonal hibernation plan to help manage seasonal assets. Pause your subscription. No need to call us!

  • Pause your subscription
  • No fixed contract
  • No reactivation fee!


$14.95/mo ($155.40/yr)

Just starting your business? Monitor assets performance, get mileage reports for taxes and increase productivity.

  • 1 minute / 85 degrees locate on turns
  • Unlimited GeoFences
  • Snap to Roads
  • Driving Score (Device dependant)
  • Trip Sharing
  • Trip Classification
  • Asset Sharing


$12.95/mo ($131.40/yr)

Protect your loved ones from wandering off, keep your priced possessions safe from theft, and prevent the misuse of your cars, snowmobiles, motorcycles and RVs.

  • 1 Minute Interval Tracking
  • Unlimited GeoFences
  • Driving Score (Device dependant)
  • Trip Sharing


Coming Soon!

Need tracking for your small business fleet? You can manage maintenance, save on operational costs and keep your drivers safe.

  • 30-second Tracking / 30 degrees locate on turns
  • Unlimited GoeFences
  • Reports
  • Snap to Roads
  • Driving Score (dependant on device)
  • Trip Sharing
  • Trip Classification
  • Asset Sharing
  • Maintenance
  • Dashboard Analytics
  • Geofence - Auto Trip Classification
  • Tracking every 1 minute, 300 metres

    and on turns over 85 degrees
  • Unlimited GeoFences
  • Automatic Trip Classification
  • Snap to Roads
  • Driving Score (Device dependant)
  • Trip & Asset Sharing
  • Maintenance Scheduling & Alerts
  • Advanced Reporting & Scheduled Repoorts

All service plans include: Locate on Intervals and Events, 12-months Data Retention, Trip Share, Monitor Speeding, Mobile App, Locate on Turns, Email trip notification, Monitor Fast starts/stops. The first-time activation is free (however, a reactivation fee of $29.95 is charged if you choose to cancel and then resubscribe your device to a plan.)

No-hassle features, incredible value

  1. Real time GPS tracking: You can track while you move or while your asset is in motion.
  2. Notifications: Easily get email or push notifications on significant events such as geofence events, asset location, low battery or ignition on.
  3. Reports: Quickly look back in time and even filter the results (e.g. show all or geofence or mileage events only).
  4. Convenience: No matter where you are - log into your mobile, web, tablet and track on the go. Also set up trip or asset sharing on demand.
  5. Great Value: Service plans designed specifically for targeted users at the right price with he right features.

Why our subscription plans are so unique...





Before you subscribe, get your GPS tracking device at 15% off, plus a further 10% saved if you buy more than one!