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Our quality GPS tracking devices combine powerful features with ease of use

We know you care about your family, your business, your assets, and so much more. We know you care about their location, safety & efficiency, and so we've got just the right set of easy-to-use tracking tools to help you keep tabs on their trails.

Through investment in new technologies and reliable solutions, we've created an ecosystem of easy-to-use GPS location tracking products and services that help you aviod life's silos and monitor everything in your world.

miTrail GPS

Not a one-size fits all...

Whether you are an individual, collector, parent, self-proprietor, or own a small business, our GPS solutions has a fit for your needs
Personal Use

Protect your cars, snowmobiles, motorcycles and RVs from theft or unauthorized use. You can also keep track of your family's location so you know they are safe!

Professional Use

Whether you are a self-proprietor, contractor or sales professional, you have access to data on assets used for business expenses and can easily report your personal versus business mileage.

Small Business Use

With up to 20 vehicles in the field, you can track equipment usage, monitor drivers' safety and reduce those regular costs associated with fuel and maintenance.

  • Most affordable GPS Subscription

    We respect your wallet as you track everything that matters. Our cheapest service plans give you more GPS tracking capabilities than the most expensive GPS subscriptions out there. Feel confident that you are getting the features you need at a price you love!

    miTrail GPS
  • You have peace of mind

    Know that your family members or workers arrived safe. Automatic notification via geofences. Know when your long term assets are on the move. Have GPS information to recover your vehicle if lost or stolen.

    miTrail GPS
  • You know where it is going

    Track your vehicles, people, and assets on the move. Automatically know when devices have left geofences. Small and powerful GPS device that fits. Simple monitoring with the miTrail mobile app.

    miTrail GPS
  • You grow your Micro-fleet

    Know that your vehicles are working and reduce fuel/maintenance costs. Increase driver productivity and track contracting costs. Lease vehicles with confidence and preventing misuse/abuse

    miTrail GPS
miTrail GPS

The "miTrail Advantage"

If you're not sure about getting a GPS solution, here are some reasons why you should. We've got monthly, annual, and hibernation plans and our devices have been built and designed for the consumer and small business user!

Best Service Plans in the Industry

1 Year Warranty

Your Data is Secure

Money Back Guarantee

Targeted Pricing

Superior Customer Service

Safety First!

Rest assured your family or employees got to their destination safely.

- Geofences for automatic destination notification
- Mileage and speed tracking
- Driving score
- Motion detection
- Review trip history
- SOS and Custom alarms

miTrail GPS

Running a small fleet?

Run your small business in real-time with the miTrail Micro-Fleet Service Plan. Don’t pay for features you don’t need!

Specifically designed for micro-fleets and small business operators who want to manage maintenance schedules, save on operational costs, keep drivers safe, and run efficiently.

miTrail GPS

Real-time tracking when you need it - where you need it!

Access on your desktop, no download required!

iOS App for phone and tablets. Even receive notifications on your Apple watch!

Android App for phone and tablets

Set up email and push notifications. Set it and forget it!