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Know where your family or business vehicles are travelling on the road

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You know where its going

Track your vehicles, people, and assets on the move. Automatically know when devices have left geofences. Small and powerful GPS device that fits. Simple monitoring with the miTrail mobile app.

You grow your Micro-fleet

Know that your vehicles are working and reduce fuel/maintenance costs. Increase driver productivity and track contracting costs. Lease vehicles with confidence and preventing misuse/abuse

Smart Vehicle tracking for your needs

How's your family's roadtrip?

Keep track of your family's location and get notifications when they have arrived safely.

Is your vehicle used for consulting or projects?

Record your vehicle mileage, print reports, and assign project geofences.

Where's your driver headed?

Monitor drivers' safety, manage maintenance schedules and reduce maintenance costs.

Real-time tracking when you need it - where you need it!

Access on your desktop, no download required!

iOS App for phone and tablets. Even receive notifications on your Apple watch!

Android App for phone and tablets.

Set up email and push notifications. Set it and forget it!

Get your GPS tracking devices on sale, plus up to 10% saved if you buy more than one!
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