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Track everything that matters with our most versatile devices

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You have peace of mind

Know that your family members or workers arrived safe. Automatic notification via geofences. Know when your long term assets are on the move. Have GPS information to recover your vehicle if lost or stolen.

You know where its been

Track your vehicles, people, and assets on the move. Automatically know when devices have left geofences. Small and powerful GPS device that fits. Simple monitoring with the miTrail mobile app.

Personal tracking for your needs


Monitor independent daily walks of elderly parents, track stolen valuables, keep pets within geo zones


Locate your child with the GPS in their backpack, prevent the misuse of valuables, monitor your teen's trips

Small business owners

Catch bad apple employees misusing company assets, let employees manage their safety or call for help

Real-time tracking when you need it - where you need it!

Access on your desktop, no download required!

iOS App for phone and tablets. Even receive notifications on your Apple watch!

Android App for phone and tablets.

Set up email and push notifications. Set it and forget it!

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